Thursday, 25 October 2012

System Progressive Protection Virus Removal Guide

System Progressive Protection Virus Removal Instructions manually.

  • You can remove this System Progressive Protection Virus manually by following simple step.
  • First restart the computer 
  • run windows in safe mode by pressing F8 key on keyboard many times
  • click on start and run
  • type msconfig and click on startup 
  • lookup System Progressive Protection Virus registry or unknown registry or unknown software path
  • then go to that location it may be local setting\application data 
  • delete that folder then again click on start and run
  • type regedit and press ok
  • goto edit menu and click on find
  • type  System Progressive Protection and click on find next you have find again and again till the message does not appear nothing found etc because there will be many entry of this virus in registry
  • delete all registry which is related to System Progressive Protection but before do this take your data and registry backup
  • delete all Temporary file in temp folder and internet temporary file and restart the PC

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