Monday, 10 September 2012

Command For Find Port Used By Application On Computer in windows

Dear Friends,
There is many application running on windows on local or  network.These application use some port of windows.Here we find the port of application used by Following these steps.
Image 1
1. Open Command Prompt.
2. Type netstat -aon.(See Image 1)
3. Press Enter.

4. This show you port which is use a PID Number.
5. Then Note down PID Number using By Port Which You Want.
6. Now open TASK MANAGER by press ALT+CTRL+DELETE.
Image 2
7. Click on Process Tab (See Image 2).
8. Click On View and Select Columns. (See Image 2).
9. Then Click on PID Tick in the box.then ok.

10. after that see Task Manager.It show PID infront of application or image name.
11. you can End Process of that application which port used by.

Like this you will be able to find port used by application.

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