Saturday, 25 August 2012

Windows 7 Network Password Problem And Solution

Image 1
Windows7 use Security Advance Level, So that it is ask for network password after enter a network computer user name and password.For this solution you have a simple few step to close network password option.
1.First open Control Panel

2.Find Administrative Tool and open it

3.Then open Local Security Policy which is show in image1

Image 2

4.Go to Security Setting Local Policy (See imgae 2)

6.Click On Security Option (see image 2)

7.Find Network Security: LAN Manager        authentication Level which show not define,Double    click on it.(See Image2)

Image 3

8.Click On drop Down List

9.Select Sent NTLM response Only (See Image3)

10.Click Apply and Ok (See Image 3)

Image 4

11.Open Command Prompt

12.Type Command gpupdate /force press Enter

Restat Computer And Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!